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P.O. Box 22331
flagstaff, az 86002

We ride little bikes. We are a fundraising platform for charity. We are a catalyst for change. This ain't your momma's walkathon.


what we do.


We are a few adventure-enthusiasts who love our little motorcycles. Tiny Bikes: Big Change is all about putting kids on off-road motorcycles, fostering a love of the outdoors, and creating constructive mentoring relationships. We empower youth through riding. We are passionate about adventure travel and making a positive change in the world.

Saving the world one tiny motorcycle at a time

Tiny Bikes: Big Change builds community, inspires youth, and makes the world a better place via motorcycling. With a combination of after-school, weekend, and summer riding programs, young people from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to learn how to ride in a safe, positive environment. Guidance, support, and technical instruction from mentors foster confidence, good decision-making, and personal growth.

How we do it

TB:BC empowers youth though experiential education and expeditionary learning with off-road motorcycles. Partnering with the National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM), our program is dedicated to connecting underserved youth with the adventure motorcycling community. Participating in the Tiny Bikes program gives kids the opportunity to learn to ride safely, take responsibility for themselves and their motorcycles, and build quality relationships.


Why get involved

In supporting TB:BC, you are creating an immediate, positive impact on the lives of young people, as well as having a lasting influence on the future. So many of us can think back to our own childhoods and trace the positive effect that motorcycling has had on our lives. In a world where experiential education is scarce and the lives of young people are dominated by the digital era, we believe that giving youth the opportunity to learn to ride in a safe and supportive environment is beyond valuable.

Want to help put kids on motorcycles?


Our 2016 fundraising goal is to raise $10,000 to solidify a future for TB:BC and NYPUM in our home state of Arizona. We encourage donations of all sizes and are always looking for dedicated mentors and volunteers to help shape the future of Tiny Bikes: Big Change.


Who is NYPUM?

National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM) began in 1969 as an innovative way to promote positive youth development. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. recognized that some children didn't respond to conventional youth services, but the lure of the outdoors and riding off-road motorcycles was very exciting. Since its inception, NYPUM has proven to be highly effective at youth mentoring, making it a natural fit for the TB:BC program.


Who is Four Directions Journeys?

When you make a donation to TB:BC, your contribution goes through Four Directions Journeys. A 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2010, Four Directions is dedicated to empowering individuals through outdoor experience. Four Directions does not take any administrative fees, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly to putting kids on motorcycles.






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