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P.O. Box 22331
flagstaff, az 86002

We ride little bikes. We are a fundraising platform for charity. We are a catalyst for change. This ain't your momma's walkathon.

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who we are.


There once were a couple of kids in flagstaff who liked motorcycles and wanted to change the world...

So they decided that they would get all crazy-like and put together a charity ride to benefit a nonprofit organization. Well, lo and behold, they struck on a most brilliant plan for making the world a better place, tiny bikes:big change. Sweet!


Eva is a motorcycle maniac and passionate entrepreneur.  A card-carrying optimist and primitive survival expert, she can keep a group of 10 people alive for a week with only a machete and a trash bag. When she's not busy starting non-profit organizations, she's most often found dominating staring contests and climbing unusual rock formations across the country.  Eva is thrilled to be lowering her typical engine-displacement standards and making the world a better place with the tiny bikes project.


Josh started riding motorcycles at a young age. His first motorcycle was a 1966 Yamaha 175 Enduro and he would stay up late at night reading "The Woods Rider" by Robin Perry under the covers with a flashlight.  Josh has spent the last few years working with non-profit organizations and is passionate about the role of non-profit organizations in the world. He is presently an MBA candidate at Northern Arizona University and is the proud owner of the "tiny bike"  that started it all, a 1972 Honda CB100.


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